At H2Oasis we absolutely love to share our client’s experiences. We see the effects of the herbal teas, floating, oxygen bar and more on their lives and we are proud to provide them with our services. Check out below to see what some happy clients have had to say about their time at H2Oasis Float Center and Tea House.

Float Center

Did my first float today, I cannot say enough how much I love this place. It was very clean, relaxing environment, super friendly, well furnished and knowledgeable staff. The matcha tea I had was excellent, I’ll have to get the recipe! I will most definitely be going back!
Bob S.

Very interesting experience! It feels as though I’ve had an full week’s worth of rest in one hr. You’re simply refreshed from whatever is going on in life and ready for a new day or night! An amazing experience!
Ben L.

I have been floating at H2Oasis since it opened in 2016. I have floated 16 times and it has become my Oasis in Tulsa. I make a point to reserve enough time for oxygen before and tea after. The staff is incredible and makes sure I have everything I need and that the ambience is always peaceful and serene.
Janice G.

A wonderful experience every time I float. Employees are always friendly and caring, it’s very clean, and a serene experience. It’s a great way to relieve stress and help with pain management. My troubles seem to melt away, and I feel ready to face the world again after each session.
Mary W.

Such a relaxing experience- the float itself was physically and mentally rejuvenating, but then the tea bar and meditation room top it all off. What a great way to spend an afternoon. I went with a friend who was visiting from out of town, and this was a great activity for her too!
David L.

H2Oasis is my favorite place in town! When you walk in it is so inviting and tranquil! The staff. the spa like accommodations and the vibe are all amazing! You immediately feel relaxed and welcomed. They have amazing tea, workshops and classes, massages, sound healing, and oxygen. All of that plus the floating experiencing is healing to your mind, body and soul.  Everyone should stop by and treat themselves! Thank you H2Oasis for creating a healing space for Tulsa!
~ Lindsey B.

I absolutely loved this place. From the moment I walked in, the vibe was so relaxing. The music was so calming and the employees were extremely friendly. The float room was clean and orderly and the float experience was something out of this world. Literally felt like I was floating in space. The tea in the relaxation room was the perfect end to an amazing experience. Highly, highly recommend!
~ Reagan F.

The work this center is doing for veterans is amazing. Deb has been a heaven sent and truly wants to help those with PTSD, anxiety and depression. The peace you feel after your float session is unlike anything you have experienced before. I highly recommend everyone try floating at least once.
~ Jeriah L.

Great 1st time float experience! Clean, quiet, and complete relaxation. The owners and staff put together a wonderful group of services for a bachelorette party unlike any other. We had the whole place to ourselves and had an amazingly personalized experience. How often do you go to a bachelorette party and wake up glowing and well rested? I can’t wait to go back and float again.
~ Emily E. 

Had a great relaxing date night came in first tried some different oxygen then set up a date to float and for a busy family with kiddos always running and screaming was such a relief to let go and meditate.
~ James

I have been floating at H2Oasis since it opened in 2016. I have floated 16 times and it has become my Oasis in Tulsa. I make a point to reserve enough time for oxygen before and tea after. The staff is incredible and makes sure I have everything I need and that the ambiance is always peaceful and serene.
~ Janice G. 

I have chronic pain due to a disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis.  I also deal with nerve pain caused by the AS. When I float it gives me an hour pain free. I’ve floated twice now and plan to continue to float at least once a month if not more. The staff are all so friendly and very helpful answering any questions i had. They also have a wide variety of teas to pick from. I’ve loved the ones I’ve tried.
~ Raquel K.



After participating in only a couple of Ceremonial Breathwork sessions, I have started to resolve deep-seated psychological issues that years of psychotherapy could not. Ceremonial Breathwork, for me, resulted in a spiritual awakening and free chakra energy flow, both profoundly affecting my body and mind. I have not felt this calm in decades and will be a regular at monthly Ceremonial Breathwork sessions as this is a work in progress and I believe I am only at the beginning of my journey. Thank you, to the “Healing Team” at H2Oasis for your guidance and incredible insight in this self-discovery process.
~ Anne D.

The Ceremonial Breathwork sessions at H2Oasis have been profoundly powerful. The levels to which blocked energy was cleared, the enabling of deep clarity and soul connection through this internal journey, is powerful and efficient. The facilitation by these skilled practitioners and the space they hold is safe and nurturing. I’m integrating the process of breathwork into my life on a regular basis, as part of my spiritual/healing routine. I’m grateful for the availability we have to this work and to those at H2Oasis for their offering. Many Thanks!
~ Lotus L.

Oh my goodness are the words I would use to summarize both of my breathwork experiences! As an Intuitive Medium, I have been seeking a means to delve deeper. Through the altered state of consciousness via breathwork, the journey and extremely heightened senses have enhanced my own abilities and offered additional peace in my life. I am ready to explore some more and am looking forward to the next opportunity.
~ Shelly W.