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H2Oasis Float Center
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H2Oasis Float Center & Tea House is Tulsa’s largest float center. We offer a variety of services within our float center, tea house and oxygen bar, as well as our wellness center. At the H2Oasis Float Center, we have designed our own custom float rooms to maximize your comfort and provide an unforgettable experience. Every room is sound and light-proofed to create the perfect relaxation environment. We offer premium round float pools/tanks, and proud to be named a Floataway Center of Excellence, using the same tanks as Laureate Institute for Brain Research. We provide two Floatarounds (beautiful, round pools with 8-foot ceilings), one open round pool, and one Tranquility Pod. H2Oasis is also the only float center in Oklahoma to offer couples floating, with three round pools large enough to accommodate couples.

What really sets us apart, is the quality of our float tanks. Our premium float tanks operate with ultra clean water quality using UV and Peroxide disinfection/sanitization between each float with constant monitoring. Three of our float rooms have round, luxury float pools containing 1,323 pounds of Epsom salt dissolved in 317 gallons of water, eleven inches deep, and heated to 93.5 degrees. One of these pools is completely open for those concerned with claustrophobia. Finally, our fourth room contains a Tranquility Pod, a cozy and stylish enclosed pod. We also provide a relaxation room that can be utilized after your float experience to prolong the post-floating glow.

If you feel like socializing with like-minded folks, you can join us in our tea house and enjoy one of our teas, herbal infusions, drinking chocolate, select bakery items, and the only float center in Tulsa offering oxygen aromatherapy. We also offer a variety of health services, classes, and workshops in our wellness center. When our Salon is not being used for classes, feel free to spread out in The Conscious Lounge on floor mats with low-to-the-ground tables. Come join us for a multitude of benefits for body, mind & spirit!