At H2Oasis, we’ve designed custom float therapy rooms to maximize your comfort. Therefore, providing the most relaxing setting possible. Relax in a meditative state while all senses from the outside world melt away with float therapy. In addition, you can also mingle with like-minded folks in our Tea House. Enjoy a variety of teas, herbal infusions, drinking chocolate, oxygen therapy, and select bakery items. We also offer health services, classes, and workshops in our wellness center. Join us for the many benefits of body, mind & spirit!

Float Therapy Benefits on the Body


Float therapy takes the pressure of gravity off the joints and muscles, loosens muscles, and puts the body into a high state of relaxation. As a result, this reduces blood pressure and increases blood flow and cell distribution. Therefore, reducing the risk of injury and speeding up healing.

Float Therapy Benefits on the Mind


The deep mental relaxation induced by float therapy increases mental clarity, creativity, and memory. Float therapy naturally increases dopamine and endorphin levels. As a result, boosting your mood. Many people have developed very complex theories and drafted entire books while floating.

Float Therapy Benefits on the Spirit


All that you experience while floating comes from within yourself. Therefore, it is the perfect time to reflect on your life. As a result, many report of creative and personal insights. After years of practice, people can enter theta state through deep meditation. However, floating gets you there effortlessly.

H2Oasis Float Therapy Center
Float Center

H2Oasis is Tulsa’s largest float therapy center. We have premium round float pools, and are a Floataway Center of Excellence. With singles and couples floats, you can relax alone or with a friend. Also, we provide a relaxation room that can be used after your float, to prolong the post-float glow.

H2Oasis Tea House and Oxygen Bar
Tea House & Oxygen Bar

Relax or mingle with like-minded folks in our Tea House. We offer an array of teas, herbal infusions, drinking chocolate, oxygen therapy, and select bakery items. Join us for a fresh beverage, a tasty pastry, or top off your float with one of our herbal teas.

H2Oasis Wellness Center
Wellness Center

In addition to floating, we offer many health services, classes, and workshops. Visit our events schedule to see what we offer this month. Furthermore, when The Conscious Lounge is not being used for classes, feel free to spread out and unwind, reflect, or practice your own therapy.